Our Story


Our name can tell our story for us. Marané comes from the Guarani expression, ‘Yve Maraney’. Guarani is an indigenous language of the region and it’s unlike most.

It’s spoken by and speaks to a people who are admirers of their natural surroundings. Of all languages, it has the most words to describe nature. One such description is Yve Maraney, which means unspoiled land.

In this way, we think the past inspires the present, and as we look to create new collections, we find ourselves looking back to our roots. Ever thinking of the connection between the expansive countryside’s of our home, and endless horizons of Atlantic sea.

Campo y Mar.

Our Store

The Marané flagship store is located just off the main road in Manantiales, an old Uruguayan fishing village after which our signature swim short is named. Its form is designed to be opened up in the summer, and to disappear quietly again when it closes for the winter.

This space was constructed using local pine and eucalyptus wood, and finished with doors and shutters recovered from an old building in the nearby town of San Carlos. It is at the core of Marané, and everything we create.

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