The story behind our Prints

Behind our prints are months and sometimes years of development. For our Horizon collection, we wanted bring the breathtaking Uruguayan horizons to life.

Our long time friend Claudio Pincas had also grown up in Uruguay, and although he specializes in sketching, he became inspired by the idea of painting the Horizons he knows so well.

He told us it can only be done in watercolour, only then will the brushtrokes count, only then will people really feel how truly special this place can be.

So let’s give you some are some of our favorite horizons from the past few years.

Marane Sky 1-7f5506.jpg


They come in all shapes and sizes. A cloudy day brings heavier clouds.. pincas1-acd2ee.jpg

A calm night brings softer tones… unspecified-23.jpg

Through this inspiration came our paintings… 3 different watercolours for three different skies..

Atlantic Sky / Cielo Atlantico MARANÉ_AQ_BLUE_FRONT.jpg

Sunset / Puesta de Sol MARANÉ_AQ_ORANGE_BACK.jpg

After the Storm / Despues de la Tormenta MARANÉ_AQ_YELLOW_BACK_2.jpg

Then onto renders and fabrics..this took quite some time to position. Every brushstroke retained, this could only be done with the highest quality print machines.

2015-09-29 13.00.02-2.jpg

2015-09-29 13.00.02-9.jpg


As for the final outcome. We think this speaks for itself. pancidespues1.JPG

Check them out!