Behind our Prints

The sea is our first point of reference. We aren’t the first. There’ve been centuries of artists who’ve called the ocean their muse and we celebrate this relationship between art and seascapes with our prints collections. For our Horizon series, we wanted bring the breathtaking Uruguayan horizons to life.


The concept for our first collection was ambitious, no one had ever used swim shorts as an easel. To do this, we turned to a regional artist and friend, Claudio Pincas.

Claudio paints his country. His watercolours brought the whole collection together. He’s been painting the horizons that inspired our prints for a lifetime, and his love for the place is apparent in each brushstroke.

We chose watercolours for our prints because its the medium that captured the movement of the ocean, and the palette of our horizons. With sublimation, the process that translates those paintings from easel to fabric - none of that movement is lost.

As for the final outcome. We think this speaks for itself. 

MARANE CAMPAIGN 2016 133.jpg