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Rooted in everything we make is the love for a place, and the desire to do it justice.

Swimmers are Dreamers. 

Our name can tell our story for us. Marané comes from the Guarani expression, ‘Yve Maraney’, which means a land without evil.  

Our style is new-classic. A classic-mid length short, married with technical finishing to create a faultless garment.


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There is an ocean for everyone.

Ours is the Atlantic.

Marané comes from for a place where the Atlantic runs for miles beside our unspoiled Uruguayan countryside.

It’s a place you can feel removed from the outside world, or ‘nicely lost’ as we say.

It allows a deeper connection to nature and the people around you.


In Uruguay, every house has a name... ours is Casa Marané. Our home is minutes away from the Atlantic shoreline so we never and ourselves too far from inspiration or a good swim.

 There is nothing quite like having a space to breathe, learn, and get to know our customers in person.