• Where is Marané from? The brand is from Manantiales, a small town down the coast of Punta del Este, Uruguay.
  • Where are the shorts made? Our shorts are all made in Portugal. Fabric and trims are sources throughout Europe, including Belgium and the UK.
  • Do the shorts fit true to size? Our shorts are slightly more accommodating, therefore a 33" would wear a size 32". As with typical clothing manufacturing, there is a tolerance within sizing. Our tolerance is +/-0.5 cm. Please note for all orders of S size shorts up to August 2016, our S size short fits true to a 30" waist. All S sizes after this period will be graded with the same tolerance as all other sizes.
  • Is my swim bag waterproof? Your swim bag is made of the same quick-drying polyester as your swim shorts, and therefore not water proof.
  • Has bonding technology been tested? Our factory regularly conducts resistance and washing tests on bonded garments through independent laboratories to order gather impartial and valid opinions about the performance of these garments.
  • I want to exchange an item? We currently do not offer exchanges. If there is a fault or mistake with your order please contact info@marane.uy.