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Rooted in everything we make is the love for a place, and the desire to do it justice.

Swimmers are Dreamers. 

Our name can tell our story for us. Marané comes from the Guarani expression, ‘Yve Maraney’, which means unspoiled land.  

Our swim shorts embody a new-classic style; crafted with innovative new technologies, highest quality materials and timeless tailoring. 


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There is an ocean for everyone.

Ours is the Atlantic.


It's about the short.

And then sometimes it's about the colour blue.

Everyone's got a place, and our short is a lot about that place.

And it's about replicating the way a place can make you feel, in a garment.

It's about turning fabric into canvas, and it's made by lovers of the sea, for lovers of the sea.


In Uruguay, every house has a name... ours is Casa Marané. Our home is minutes away from the Atlantic shoreline so we never and ourselves too far from inspiration or a good swim.

 There is nothing quite like having a space to breathe, learn, and get to know our customers in person.